Worlds’ 10 Most Difficult Jobs in the World

Many of us are not happy from our jobs but we have to perform them in order to earn some money and get going with daily life. Today in world there are many easy jobs but for that you need to have some special skills and at the same time we have many difficult jobs and for them probably you of not need to have some special skills but they surely are hardest to perform. Let’s have a look on some of the most difficult jobs in the world right now.

1-Coal Mining

Coal MiningCoal mining does not seem to be difficult but it is one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs around the world. You surely do not want to risk your life for some dollars but you have to. Many people died while mining coals due to certain accidents and machineries. Just imagine working underground, cold mines, painful noise, darkness and what not. One of the most dangerous effect of working in dust is Black Lung which may cause serious disorder. So is not it one of the most difficult jobs?

2- Alaskan Crab Fishing

Bering Sea Opilio Commercial Fishery on the F/V Arctic Hunter, winter, Alaska.

Alaskan crab fishers have the hardest things to deal with. Alaskan fishers have deadly, dirty profession and stressful too. It is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Crab fishing is surely not easy as it is tough and so the Alaskan crab fishers. Hauling nets and cages that are really heavy and doing it in freezing rain and different weather situations is something really serious. But the Alaskan crab fishers do it after all it’s their profession.

3- President of a country

Barack Obama, Matteo Renzi, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Petro Poroshenko, Francois HollandeYou cannot satisfy each and everyone but if you are a president of a country then you certainly have to satisfy everyone and it’s your duty. It is one of the hardest job as you have to deal with everything of a country as you are responsible of political issues, economy, education, development, international affairs and each and everything. You have to take care of everything.

4- Mercenaries

MercenariesLeaving family behind, putting life on risk, fighting with dangerous people, going to different most difficult parts of the world, harsh weather and most of life threats. Although it pays handsome but it is not worth it. It is one of the most dangerous jobs.

5- Military man

Military manBeing in military is surely an honorable job but it does not pay you well. Being a soldier you have to protect your country at any cost no matter what and if you have to risk your life. You are not sure when you get a call and have to pack up for a mission. You are not sure about your life as you have to go through harsh weather, training and missions. You are not surely how dangerous your enemy is but only you know is your duty.


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