Why Fire Trucks Are Red – Top 10 Reasons

Why Fire Trucks Are Red: You must be having phone number of Fire Brigade near you. Today, nobody knows what may happen the next moment. So, fire brigade is something we all owe to. And we all have seen fire trucks in red color right? Did you ever think, why all fire trucks are read? A lot of people have some unproven reasons. So, it still remains a mystery. Obviously we all want to know why the fire trucks are always red? We have gone through a long research to get some valid reasons. Obviously we see fire trucks everywhere, anywhere, anytime and every time so we should know why they are red. We certainly should be aware of our surroundings and reasons behind everything.

Why Fire Trucks Are Red – Top 10 Reasons

So today we have compiled a list of 10 reasons, why fire trucks are always red. You will get your answer this time so go through all the 10 reasons. It’s not that we are seeing fire trucks red. Rather since the day one they are red. So, the reasons are in deep roots. We know you are curious to know the reasons. So here we present you Why Fire Trucks Are Red.

1- No investment

This reasons sounds lame though. But according to some old people the fire trucks are red because the earliest fire departments were poor. These departments were not having employees. Rather it was made up of volunteers and they were not being paid. So, if they were not being paid this is why they were not having money. At that time, red color was the cheapest color available. Hence they used red color for the fire trucks. Do you think it is true?

2- Pride

Okay, if you want to believe the first reason, this reason is lame for you. And if you want to believe this reason, first reason is lame for you. According to some old people, there were many fire departments in cities. Each town had a fire department made up of volunteer staff and that too unpaid. All volunteers were proud of their work and department. And at that time red color was the most expensive color.  So, to stand out in crowd of fire departments, they used red color for fire trucks. For them it was a source of pride. Now you all must be confused. Which reason would you believe?

3- To Stand Out

In early days, there were all colors of vehicles. Black, blue, yellow, white, silver and the list goes on. But red color was odd to see. So to stand out on the roads fire departments decided to paint fire trucks with red color. It means, fire departments wanted to draw people’s attention in emergencies. So that they could make their way.

4- Red Color and the specifications

According to science, red color has a longer wavelength. It means it is visible from long distance too. This could be the main reason. Fire trucks wanted people to know from far away about any emergency. Like an alarm. And longer wavelength could help in many ways.

5- Attraction

Red color is not used for vehicles, mostly. As generally, other mainstream colors are used. So this is the reason it attracts people. This is why it is used by fire trucks so that they could make their presence felt. They could attract people and make them know their arrival.

6- Identity

Just like every country has a flag of a few particular color as an identity. Red color is an identity of Fire trucks. If it is about just identity, then no one can ask the reasons. We all have name; we all have an identity so red color is the identity of Fire Trucks.

7- Visibility

In day light, red color stands out the most. According to science red and yellow colors could be used on emergency vehicles as they are visible in daylight. So it quite sums up too.

8- Tradition

Be it an ambulance or any other emergency vehicle, it has red color. Is this the reason fire trucks are red? May be it is a tradition to have red color on all emergency vehicle. This is another reason, according to some people.

9- The Beginning

According to history, the first fire truck was in red color. So all other departments also used the red color to compete. Since the beginning red color is being used. So nobody changed it. Obviously if you start something new, people will follow you. So the first fire truck was red, why not the others too.

10- Love for red

According to old people, the president of first fire department was in love with red color. After all its attractive nah? So, he wanted to paint all fire vehicles red and everything red, related to fire department. So his love changed everything. He is one of the reasons behind red color of fire trucks.

So, did you get answer? We hope so. And let us know if you know any solid reason too. But we think the above mentioned reasons are somewhat true.

Why Fire Trucks Are Red – Top 10 Reasons

  1. No investment
  2. Pride
  3. To Stand Out
  4. Red Color and the specifications
  5. Attraction
  6. Identity
  7. Visibility
  8. Tradition
  9. The Beginning
  10. Love for red