TOP 10 Banned Movies By The Censor Board

Putting a lot of money, efforts, time and what not and what if your film is banned by censor board? What if it’s not played across cinemas? Surely this is heart breaking. Every country has a censor board for films which reviews films and approve them only if they are not against their terms. If a film is not approved by central board then you cannot play it on TV, cinema or anywhere. In order to get a film approved from censor board it must not contain harmful content, against any particular person, nudity and shameful acts. Many films till date have been banned worldwide and mostly sexually explicit films. Today we will be mentioning top films worldwide which has been banned by censor board. Let’s have a look on TOP 10 Banned Movies By The Censor Board.

1- Cannibal Ferox

219Cannibal_FeroxThe Cannibal Ferox is one of the most violent films ever made. It is a 1981 Italian cannibal exploitation horror film which was banned in more than 30 major film countries. The film stars, John Morghen, Danilo Mattei, Lorraine De Selle, Walter Lucchini, Zora Kerowa, John Bartha, Fiamma Maglione, Vennatino Venantini and Robert Kerman. It is directed by Umberto Lenzi while it is produced by Mino Loy, Antonio Crescenzi and Luciano Martino and screenplay by Umberto Lenzi. The story revolves as 3 friends out to disprove cannibalism that lead them to meet 2 men on the run, the 2 man tortured and enslaved a tribe of cannibal to find emeralds, after this the cannibal tribe decides to revenge all the loss.

As the film contained transgressive imagery, animal torture and violence caused the film failure and ban in many countries. The film was distributed by Medusa Distribuzione, Aquarius Releasing and Grindhouse Releasing. The music of the film was given by Fiamma Maglione and Roberto Donati.

2- Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Cannibal Holocaust is another 1980 Italian cannibal exploitation horror film. The film was not released at early stages but after its release when it was running successful all across, it was banned by a few censor boards upon its violent content. The film is directed by Ruggero Deodato and it stars, Robert Kerman, Perry Pirkanen and Francesca Ciardi in lead. While it is produced by Franco Di Nunzio and Franco Palaggi. The screenplay of the film has been given by Gianfranco Clerici and the film officially was distributed by United Artists Europa and Traans-American Film Distributors .

The film on the box office did not perform that well but managed to produced $2 million. The film revolves around the story of a missing film crew. A rescue mission team recovers the film crew’s lost cans of film, that an American television station wished to broadcast. As they viewed the reels, the asks the stations to air the documentary. The presentation of the film team’s lost footage. While it is a film full of adventure. The film was banned in many countries because of its portrayal of brutality, violence, animal violence and sexual assault.

3- Irréversible

Irréversible (2002)Irreversible is a 2002 French art film. It is directed by Gaspar Noe, produced by Brahim Chioua Vincent Cassel and written by Gaspar Noe. The film stars Vincent Cassel Albert Dupontel and Monica Belluci. Thomas Bangalter has given the music of Irreversible. The film did not perform well and only could gather € 5.8 million while € 4.6 million were spent on it as the film was banned by a few censor boards as it has scenes of sexual explicit content and violence. Although the film won Stockholm best fil award at International Film Festival but audience did not like it much. It revolves are 13 scenes with different plot with main character Alex.