Most reliable SUV 2017 – The Top 10 List

Most reliable SUV 2017: It’s all about SUVs now days. First of all, here is an introduction of SUV. It stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. A vehicle which is good enough to give you comfort ride, control, advanced features, style and what not. Obviously it is a better option than a small car. At the same time, it is more expensive than a normal car or a normal vehicle. SUV is known as a light truck. As it is neither a truck nor a car. SUV also stands for suburban utility vehicle. It has high center of gravity, high performance and as mentioned above, high price.

Most reliable SUV 2017

People are rapidly switching to Sport Utility Vehicles from light cars. One of the main feature of an SUV is that it is not only on road vehicle but also off road so you are good to go anywhere. And having a powerful engine is surely worth your money. This was all about SUV. Now coming towards our todays topic which is, Most reliable SUVs 2017. There are numerous brands producing SUVs and competition is tough. This is why it is difficult for people to choose which brand to buy. But not anymore because we have ranked all of them on our list. The list is based on performance, price, market demand, features and style.

Some prominent brands are Honda, Hyundai, Kia and a few more to name. As market is seeing rise in demand of SUVs, brands are trying to produce something which could attract people. So no further delay. Check out the most reliable SUVs below.

1- Kia Soul

Kia is not a new name for the customers. Kia’s SUV is the most reliable SUV in the market right now. It is not only our’s choice as it preferred by most of people. Kia Soul is really reliable, relatively cheap, powerful, efficient and comfortable. It is around $ 17,000 in the market. So it is a quite fair deal. We think it is worth your money. And it surely beats other Sport Utility Vehicles. Anybody of you who owns this vehicle?

2- Jeep Patriot

Unique design and a class. Jeep Patriot is game changer in SUVs. It is worth $19,035. This vehicle is being sold on daily basis. It surely is on demand. But this Jeep is preferred for off road rides. So if you are looking for an off road Sport Utility Vehicle then this should be your choice. It has some great specification. And not to mention, it has a powerful engine after all it is an off road Jeep. And its fuel consumption is awesome too. Wins!

3- Jeep Renegade

Another Jeep! Look how cool it looks. It is known as a mini SUV. It is small in size so it has many advantages. But it is good for off road too no matter how small it is. This SUV is worth $19,090 and users are loving it so far. Although you need to modify the engine for an incredible off road experience. Jeep   Renegade is something you should be looking for.

4- Honda HR-V

When it is about Honda, you surely can trust the vehicle. We all know Honda has its own class and quality. The reliability and performance of this Sport Utility Vehicle is par excellence. Extremely comfortable with latest features, stunning design, high performance, great engine and the list goes on. You can get it around $20,000 which is not a bad deal for such vehicle. And when it comes to buying an SUV, you should dig into your pockets deep.

5- Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

The name is attractive! And the design too. Mitsubishi is one of the leading SUV brands of today. And Mitsubishi vehicles always great to have. This SUV has an amazing engine.  So it consumes very little fuel which is an edge. You can buy this vehicle for around $20,000. Did you like it? The best thing about this vehicle is the design and specifications. What a cool SUV to own!

6- Mazda CX-3

When it is about reliability then Mazda is always on the list. Mazda vehicles are not only cheap but also great to have. Incredible performance and low price. This SUV is loved by the users as it is worth the money. It starts at only $20,900. What do you think of this vehicle guys? The handling and performance of this vehicle is something to talk about. So if it is about reliability, you can go for this SUV for sure.

7- Jeep Compass

Okay! Another Jeep. According to us, Jeep Compass is the 7th most reliable SUV in the market right now. It stands tall because of its unique design. Look, how good it looks. You can buy this SUV for almost $20,900. Which is not heavy on pockets, keeping in mind, how good it is. Jeep Compass is liked by people for its design. As mentioned above, it looks really unique. So this is another choice you can make while buying a reliable SUV.

8- Fiat 500X

The Italian style SUV. Probably this SUV is the best looking so far. This cool vehicle stands at number 8. It offers some exciting features and comfort. You can trust this SUV and it would not betray you. It has a great interior and a larger space for passengers. So it is quite comfortable. This SUV could be bought for around $20,800. So a lot of cars in the range of $20,000.

9- Nissan Juke

The 9th most reliable SUV of today is none other than Nissan Juke. Nissan always makes it place, be it commercial vehicles, SUVs or light cars. Nissan Juke is quite famous and it looks too good. It has a strong and cool exterior which can attract your girlfriend ;). If you are on a highway or even stuck in traffic, this vehicle is the best. It is around 21,200. A lot of choices now!

10- Chevrolet Trax

So, at number 10 we have Chevrolet Trax. Chevrolet is always worth your money and reliable too. Even the old Chevrolet vehicles doing good till date. So another brand you can trust. Its price is little higher than other. It is around $22,000. But obviously not too high. So Chevrolet Trax is reliable, powerful and good looking SUV. Trax is one of your ten choices.

So, which Sport Utility Vehicle you like the most? According these vehicles are the most reliable and surely you can trust them. Let us know you review, if you own anyone of them.

Most reliable SUV 2017- The Top 10 List

  1. Kia Soul
  2. Jeep Patriot
  3. Jeep Renegade
  4. Honda HR-V
  5. Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
  6. Mazda CX-3
  7. Jeep Compass
  8. Fiat 500X
  9. Nissan Juke
  10. Chevrolet Trax