Most Expensive Stock in The World- The Top 10 List

Most Expensive Stock in The World: We all want to increase our money, we all want to get rich in no time, we all want to get everything and it is possible, actually. If you have some amount of money, then you are good to go. It depends on your intelligence and luck. You may lose your money or you may get double, triple of it. Well, we are talking about investing in stock market. While investing in stock is bit risky as compare to the stock market. But you can always try investing in the market. But it is hard to choose, where to invest. If you want to invest in stock, then it is risky but it can give you more profit.

Most Expensive Stock in The World

Today we will be talking about the top stocks in the world right now. These stocks are the most expensive stocks so you earn big too. We have listed the top 10 most expensive stocks. Each share in these stocks is big so first you should be up to invest big amount of money. And once again, luck is everything but your intelligence also counts. So here we present you the most expensive stock in the World

1- Berkshire Hathaway

So, the most expensive stock right now is Berkshire Hathaway. It basically manages a few number of subsidiaries. It is a multinational conglomerate holding company. And its headquarters are in Omaha, United States of America. And globally it is the most expensive stock company you can invest it. Guess the amount of per share, $1000, $400, $7000? None of them. Actually, it is $145,505 per share. Oh! This is quite big amount. And you should think hundred times before investing in it.

2- Seaboard Corporation

The second most expensive stock in the world is none other than Seaboard Corporation. It is also based in the United States of America.  If you want to own a share in this stock, then you need to pay $2,639.72. This is too much. It is a diversified conglomerate. This company deals in agriculture and ocean businesses all around the world. It is quite big and the revenue is big too. It is growing rapidly and we are sure per share will cross the $4000 mark soon.

3- NVR Incorporated

Alright, another one from the United States of America. It is a housebuilding and mortgage company. NVR was founded in late 1980.  You will need $1,040.86 to buy a share in this company. It is based in California, USA. NVR is also growing rapidly day by day. So, it stands at number 3.

4- Google, Incorporated

We all know about this tech giant. It offers Internet related products and services to the world. It is the biggest Internet facilities provider in the world. So, it is obvious its share will be expensive too. Its headquarters are in California, America. It started its operation in 1998. And if you want a share in this company, you need to pay $753.83 per share.

5- Priceline.com Incorporated

We all know, there is huge profit in tourism and traveling related services and ever body charges huge amount for these services. But you can get discounts on these services through Priceline.com. This website gives you discounts on hotel services, traveling and much more. It is based in the United States of America. It started its services in 1998. If you want to buy shares in this company, save $695.09.

6- Intuitive Surgical Incorporated

At this company, price of per share is $573. It manufactures robotic surgical systems. It is also an American company. Its headquarters is in New York City, USA. It was founded in early 1996. Shares in this company are not much expensive so you can start from here so that you wont’t be afraid to loose all your money.

7- MasterCard Incorporated

This a financial company. And we all not only know about it but also we use its services. Right? MasterCard is known worldwide. This is why its stock is expensive and it is on our list. Its headquarter is in New York City, USA. It started its operation in 1996 in America and now it has presence in almost every part of the world. Per share in this company will cost you $516.

8- Markel Corporation

Insurance companies earn a lot. And having a share in insurance company is a plus. And its not expensive too. Market Corporation is a good choice to invest. It is an insurance company. Its headquarter is in Virginia, United States of America. In case you want to buy shares in this company, you need to pay $470.46 per share. Markel corporation is a reputable company and its not risky to invest in it.

9- Apple, Incorporated

Another tech giant on our list. Apple stands at number 9. We all love its products and we know they are really expensive. So certainly, it’s should would also be expensive. Apple is known worldwide. And it is world’s 2nd largest IT company. Each share in this company will cost you $456.83. It is headquartered in California, United States. The founder of this company is Steve Jobs and it was founded in 1976.

10- Biglari Holdings, Incorporated

The 10th most expensive stock right now is Biglari Holdings, Incorporated. It is an American company. And interesting fact is that all these companies are from the US. Well, this company specializes in restaurant etc. Steake ‘n’ Shake is famous. It was founded just a few years back, 2010. But it has grown quite rapidly. This shows there is a lot of money in this field. If you want to buy shares in this company, you need to pay $369.42 per share.

So guys, do you plan to invest in any of the above mentioned stocks? Although you need a lot of money to invest in these big companies but it’s not risky. And you may star earning millions in no time. Yes, there is risk in business. But business is all about risks. Is not it guys?

Most Expensive Stock in The World- The Top 10 List

  1. Berkshire Hathaway
  2. Seaboard Corporation
  3. NVR Incorporated
  4. Google, Incorporated
  5. Priceline.com Incorporated
  6. Intuitive Surgical Incorporated
  7. MasterCard Incorporated
  8. Markel Corporation
  9. Apple, Incorporated
  10. Biglari Holdings, Incorporated