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Most Expensive Shoes in the World- The Top 10 List

Most Expensive Shoes in the World: According to science, mostly people look at your footwear when they see you. Shocking! So, it is must to wear good pair of shoes so that you could stand out. There is different type of shoes being made. The price of shoes depends on the material used and a few more factors. Although shoes were introduced to comfort your foot but now footwear are used as fashion and style. There is long range of stylish footwear. So today we will be talking about the most expensive shoes in the World.

Most Expensive Shoes in the World

What do you think, what would be the price of the most expensive shoe? Go through the article to know. You will be shocked to know the price of top 10 shoes on our list. And it’s strange that gold and other expensive material is being used on shoes. And this is all about wealth. Like an expensive, car, house, dress and watch, you would want a few expensive pairs of shoes too. Rich people wear some really expensive shoes made by famous shoemaker. So guys, our today’s topic is Most Expensive Shoes in the World, here we go,

1- The Ruby Slippers

Royal name! So, the most expensive pair of shoes in the world is known as The Ruby Slippers. It is worth $3.01 million. It was designed by Harry Winston. And Harry designed this pair rr the movie The Wizard of Oz which was released in 1939. And guys, one single shoe is made up of 50 carat diamond and 4600 rubies. Quite amazing right? And its red in color but there are different shades in it too. Only 5 pair have been made of this royal shoe and 1 is lost. It was lost in 2005.

2- Rita Hayworth Heels

The second most expensive pair of shoes is owned by the Princess Yasmeen Aga khan. This pair is not for sale but its price is $3 million. And it was made for the one and only Rita Hayworth. It was designed by Stuart Weitzman. And it is also made up of diamond and rubies. Its color is brown. Like a chocolate. And these shoes look really beautiful. This pair is one of the best looking pair of shoes ever made.

3- Cinderella Slippers

This pair of shoes is also designed by Stuart Weitzman, the man who designed Rita Hayworth Heels. Price of this pair of shoes is $2 million. These shoes are made up of diamond and then coated with Italian leather. This pair was first worn by Alison Krauss in 2005. She is an American singer. And she wore this pair on red carpet. Stunning! Obviously all women want wear this pair but it’s all about luck. Certainly one if the most beautiful pair of shoes ever made. Right?

4- Tanzanite Heels

Okay, another design by the one and only Stuart Weitzman. Yes, Tenzanite Heels are designed by him too. This pair of shoes consist blue diamond. And oh God these shoes look stunning! These shoes were designed in the year 2006. This time Stuart collaborated with another designer and look at the results. This pair of shoes is quite costly; it is worth $2 million. In 2007, these shoes were made public in New York. Even the straps of this pair are worth a lot of money.

5- Platinum Guild Stilettos

Wonderful design and beautiful look! This is the pair of Platinum Guild Stilettos shoes. These shoes are worth $1.9 million. These are made by diamond and platinum. And guys this pair was nominated for Oscar awards. These shoes were made by  Platinum Weitzard in the year 2002. Laura, an actress wore these shoes first of all on a show. And she was being protected by a few bodyguards. And why not? These shoes are worth $1.9 million. Truly amazing!

6- Ruby Slippers

The 6th most expensive shoes in the world are Ruby Slippers. These shoes were designed by the famous designer Stuart Weitzman. There are a few more design by Stuart on this list but this one is special. These shoes are worth $1.6 million. And these shoes were also nominated in Oscar awards. Ruby Slippers are made by rubies and diamond. They are probably the most beautiful shoes ever made. Look at the style and material. Brilliantly done! They belong to the movie Wizard of Oz.

7- Retro Rose Pumps

It looks like Stuart Weitzman is the only shoe designer in the world lol. Like there are many designs on our list by him. Well, at number 7, we have Retro Rose Pumps. Quite weird name though. These shoes are T-strap shoes, a quite famous design. And these shoes were made in late 1940. The price of this pair of shoes 8s $1 million. And they were shown on red carpet of Oscar awards in 2008. These shoes are made by diamond and gold. The color of these shoes is gold. How good they look!

8- Marilyn Monroe Shoes

Ah! This guy is brilliant. Another pair of Stuart Weitzman on our list. These shoes are worth $1 million. And look at design, so different and beautiful. These shoes were auctioned and went for $1 million. There are crystals on the shoes and this is what attracts ever eye. These shoes were worn by Regina Kind in 2005, at the Oscars Awards. After that they were auctioned. This pair of shoes is one of the most expensive pairs in the world.

9- Original – Ruby Slippers

The 9th most expensive shoes pair in the world is Ruby Slippers – original. This pair is worth $612,000. This pair was designed for a movie known as “Cult”. They were worn by Dorothy, a character in movie. And this pair is one of only three pairs which were used in the movie. Amazing nah? After getting public attention they were put in museum. Although they were sold in an auction first.

10- Diamond Dream Stilettos

This stunning pair of shoes stands at number 10 of our list. They certainly look elegant and different. The material used is not much expensive but over all look make them expensive. The design was appreciated by everyone. And why not, just look at them guys. These shoes are surely dream of million f women around the world. And the price of these shoes is $500,000. And last but not the least, these shoes are handmade. How cool!

Most Expensive Shoes in The World- The Top 10 List

  1. The Ruby Slippers
  2. Rita Hayworth Heels
  3. Cinderella Slippers
  4. Tanzanite Heels
  5. Platinum Guild Stilettos
  6. Ruby Slippers
  7. Retro Rose Pumps
  8. Marilyn Monroe Shoes
  9. Original – Ruby Slippers
  10. Diamond Dream Stilettos