Most Expensive & Rarest Yu-Gi-Ho Cards – The Top 10 List

Most Expensive & Rarest Yu-Gi-Ho Cards: Yu-gi-ho, ‘Game King’ is a Japanese manga (comic created in Japan or by creators in Japanese language)   series about gaming. This manga was written and settled by Kazuki Takahashi.

The plot follows the story of a young boy named, Yogii. Yogi was a boy who loved to take interest in every sort of game but was always bullied around. He solved an ancient puzzle known as the Millennium Puzzle causing his body to play host to a mysterious spirit with the personality of a gambler. A spin-off manga titled Yu-Gi-Oh! was finalized by Akira Ito under Takahashi’s supervision.

This popular anime and card game is one of the most trading games to be played by people all over world. Over 22 billion cards have been solved worldwide which was reason because of which Yu-Gi-Ho became the top selling trading card game by Guinness Book of World Records in 2009.

Most Expensive & Rarest Yu-Gi-Ho Cards

The cards you will see today will not only be extremely rare, difficult to obtain unless you completely empty your bank account. May the heart of the following cards guide you and your wallet.

1- Exodia The Forbidden One

Price: $10,000.

The specialty of most golden and well known card of the series is Dark Spellcaster/ Normal Monster. From over 20 years this card is being produced and heavily used by people. But due to rare edition of this card, it reached the prestigious level and is under the top card of this list. There is doubt in a fact that by holding 5 components of Exodia’s in your hand assures a definite win to you. It could be seen as an investment as well.

2- Cyber-Stein

Price: $3,000.

This card was banned from many years being the most powerful card of all. While having this card in your hand you have the confidence of being with extremely incredible and good card. The rare promo version of Cyber Stein is your goal. While common variants of this card exist, the rare promo version of Cyber Stein was given to winners of the Shonen Jump Championship in 2004 and was banned immediately after that win. It is believed that 18 copies of Cyber-Stein exist.

3- Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn

Price: $2,499.

The recent addition of this card became the prize card for almost a year, Yu-Gi-Ho Champion series. The effect of this allows the destruction of three components of the opponent’s team. You can only use each effect of “Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn” once per turn. At time of writing, only Super and Ultra-Rare variants are available. The former being available over half the price of the Ultra-Rare.

4- Crush Card Virus

 Price: $2,222.

Crush Card Virus was on the Forbidden List for an incredibly long time before it was eventually made Limited recently. The winner of the 2007 Shonen Jump Championship may not have been able to use it for many years. But now they’ll be happy when and appreciate themselves to be not using this card any further because of the amount it offers.

Seto, referred this card to be a part of power deck and then played it due to which it has increased its worth.

5- Des Volstgalph

Price: $1,560.

Des Volstgalph is the number fifth card among all of the valued cards because of the it’s showing up main two events, 2005 Pharaoh Tour and the Shonen Jump Championship. It is best used against Stall and Magic heavy decks, this card inflicts 500 damage to the opponent each time it destroys a monster. Perhaps it’s not the most exciting story; it is of much less worth.

6- Blood Mefist

Price: $1,500.

Being the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship 2011 Prize card, it is the rare card to be existed with a less value. It is hopefully that the value of Blood Mefist could increase in the coming years. This card allow for the user to inflict 300 damage to the opponent for every card on their side of the field.

7- Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry:

 Price: $1,400.

One of the better known XYZ monsters. The 2012 Championship Series prize Ultra-Rare is worth an estimated $1,400. But the common version of this card worth only 5 cents. The power of this card is that it can be remove three monsters of the opponent’s team. Along with that it can it can also remove three card from there deck.

8- Ascension Sky Dragon

 Price: $1,395.

It is the first Synchro Monster who made to be named in this list.  The original Ultra-Rare Ascension Sky Dragon was a prize in the 2014 Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series. While having the ability of attaining 800 attack points per card in hand and special summoning the monsters used as tribute. Ascension Sky Dragon is an epic card with ridiculous values. It is the most useful card around. The price of this card is declining further.

9- Gold Sarcophagus

 Price: $1,095.

Another card from the Shonen Jump tournament circuit, Gold Sarcophagus in its common or rare state. Only 20copies of this card were produced in the year 2005 and 2006. You have to be world class player for being the owner of this card. Mostly people love to keep this card in their decks. It’s remarkably useful in a strategic deck. For being the proud owner of this card find the correct version of it and look for the SJC-EN002 code, which notes its exclusivity.

10- Shrink

Price: $800.

The code for this particular card is SJC-EN003 which indicates that it was part of the Shonen Jump Championship set, giving reason for the raised price. Only 26 cards were made with this specific code. Unlike any other card, the rare edition of the card increases its rarity. This card can be used in every situation but it did not have any big place in the met. You can buy it very easily online. And if got lucky, you will have the worth of it.

Most Expensive & Rarest Yu-Gi-Ho Cards – The Top 10 List

  1. Exodia The Forbidden One
  2. Cyber-Stein
  3. Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn
  4. Crush Card Virus
  5. Des Volstgalph
  6. Blood Mefist:
  7. Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry
  8. Ascension Sky Dragon
  9. Gold Sarcophagus
  10. Shrink