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Most Expensive Diamonds in The World – The Top 10 List

Most Expensive Diamonds in The World: It’s not that only girls like jewelry or in particular, diamonds. Even men love diamonds. If not as jewelry, then just to keep them. And we all love diamonds are really expensive. Diamond is something which shows wealth. Only rich people can afford diamonds as we mentioned above, they are really expensive.

Most Expensive Diamonds in The World

In different parts of the world, diamond is found. There are different type of diamonds and they vary from different price range. Do you know about the most expensive diamond in the world? The price depends on its uniqueness and availability. If one diamond is found rarely, it will be expensive. And most of people would want that rare diamond. Diamonds are used for different purposes. And diamond is the most wanted jewel. Mining diamond is really a hard work. And you need luck, equipment’s, research and most of all money to mine diamond. But sometimes people just find it luckily. Having diamond makes you rich and you can sell it or keep it. So diamond is the most expensive jewel itself too. Our topic of today is, The most expensive diamonds – The Top 10 List.  Let’s have a look at the most expensive diamonds.

1- Koh – i – Noor

We all know you know about this diamond. It is not only the most expensive diamond in the world but also it has history. Koh – i – Noor was once owned by Sikh and Mughal rulers. It was found in India. Now it is a property of Britain. Koh – i – Noor is kept in HM tower in London, UK. And what’s its price? Its priceless. It means it is the most precious and expensive diamond. It has no price tag. And it is really expensive if it is to be sold. Koh – i – Noor means “mountain light”. It looks beautiful and it is also a tourist attraction. India claims that this diamond should be in India while Britain is not up for it. It is a 105 carat diamond. And it was once largest diamond known.

2- The Sancy Diamond

The second most expensive diamond in the world right now is. The Sancy Diamond. The Sancy Diamond is also priceless. It has no tag like Koh e Noor. The Sancy Diamond is around 55 carat diamond and its priceless. It belongs to Great Moguls. The Sancy Diamond is also of the India origin but it’s not kept in Asia or India. Right now, its in Louvre, in the collection of French Crown Jewell. It looks stunning as it is crafted really well. Its color is pale yellow. And like Koh e Noor it also has history.

3- The Cullinan

Okay this is not priceless. And guys, it is the largest diamond ever found. And you will be amazed to know that its 3,106,75 carat diamond. Then it must be really expensive too. Yes, it’s worth $400 million. Too much. And it is being found with other large diamonds. It is kept in high security and is well kept. It is known as the world largest diamond as mentioned above. The Cullinan is something we all dream of. No?

4- The Hope Diamond

Probably the most beautiful diamond in the world. It’s in blue color, as seen by a naked eye. This stunning diamond is 45.52 carat. It 8s kept in Smithsonian Museum. So it would not be sold, anyhow. It is a tourist attraction. People travel miles to have a look of this diamond. And this museum is in Washington DC. It has a multiple shade. But mainly it has blue color. And guys the most important thing, it is worth $350 million.

5- De Beers Centenary Diamond

Cool name! It is 273.85 carat diamond. De Beers Centenary Diamond is classified as D level. De Beers Centenary Diamond means its purity is par excellence. It is beautiful externally and internally. It is also colorless and highest grade if diamond. De Beers Centenary Diamond is produced by Dee Beer ‘s Premier mine. And it is one of the largest known diamond. Probably, the third largest diamond. It’s just flawless. And its price is $100 million.

6- The Steinmetz Pink

The name says it all. This diamond has Pink color. And it is the largest known pink diamond in the world. It is worth $25 million. It is 59.60 carat diamond. So it should be expensive too. According to scientists, its color is vivid pink. And it looks really unique and good. It was also once displayed in “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibition. And it’s the 6th most expensive diamond in the world.

7- Wittelsbach Diamond

Wittelsbach Diamond or Der Blaue WitteIsbacher. It is 35.36 carat diamond. And its color is blue. Its 40 mm in diameter and it has depth of 8.29 mm. Its somehow similar to Hooe diamond which is mentioned above. And its clarity us quite good. Its price is $16.4 million. And it looks like a dream. Stunning!

8- The Heart of Eternity

Beautiful name. The 8th most expensive diamond in the world right now is The Heart of Eternity. It is a 27.64 carat diamond. According to scientists, its color is fancy vivid blue. And its class is rare so its expensive and unique. This diamond is worth $16 million. It is owned by De Beer’s group. This diamond was found in south Africa. And it was crafter by Steinmetz. What a beautiful piece.

9- The Moussaieff Red Diamond

At number 9, we have The Moussaieff Red Diamond. We all know red diamonds are rare to find. Hence, they are unique and expensive. This diamond is worth $7 million. Its not large as its just 5.11 carat diamond. It is in triangular shape. It is in fancy red color as discovered GIA. And as we have mentioned red color diamonds are hard to found, this diamond us the largest red diamond known.

10- The Allnatt Diamond

This diamond once belonged to Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt. So its named after him. It is quite large in size. It is 101.29 carat diamond. Allnatt is in cushion cut. It has fancy vivid yellow color as rated by GIA. And nobody knows where exactly this diamond was found. It looks too good in yellow. No?

Most Expensive Diamonds in the World – The Top 10 List

  1. Koh – i – Noor
  2. The Sancy Diamond
  3. The Cullinan
  4. The Hope Diamond
  5. De Beers Centenary Diamond
  6. The Steinmetz Pink
  7. Wittelsbach Diamond
  8. The Heart of Eternity
  9. The Moussaieff Red Diamond
  10. The Allnatt Diamond