Most Beautiful Korean Girls – The Top 10 List

Most Beautiful Korean Girls: We have covered Korea in our several topics and it is only because the beauty and unmatchable things it has to offer. Be it technology, music, films, Tv or any other field Korea is making its mark everywhere and when we are talking about Korea it means the people of Korea. There is no doubt that the Korean people are really hard working, talented and beautiful so the article is also about the people of Korea and particularly the beautiful girls of Korea.

Most Beautiful Korean Girls

Korea is home to most beautiful girls in Asia. Gorgeous, cute, beautiful and talented Korean girls are winning everybody’s heart. On this list we would be ranking the top 10 most beautiful Korean girls and this list is based on beauty, beauty and only beauty. And we tried to look for beautiful girls from every field of life but mostly most of beautiful girls are in entertainment field so let’s check out who they are and whether are from entertainment field or not. Here is the list of Most Beautiful Korean Girls.

1- Park Min Young

Okay, according to us the most beautiful Korean girl is no one else but Park Min Young. And we hope a few of you also know about her. This deadly gorgeous lady is nothing less than a dream and surely many guys dream for her. She is a multi-talented girl. She is an actress, model and dancer. Park Min Young hails from South Korea Park. She is famous for his role in Healer and City Hunter. And she is face of many tech and fashion giants such as Sony Ericsson, LG, Pizza and the list goes on and on. Truly a stunning girl.

2- Kim So-eun

Kim is an amazing and beautiful actress. She started her career when she was in High School days. Kim has appeared in a few films and Tv shows. She was born on 6th of September, 1989. Sisters of the Sea and he Show Must Go On describe her talent and she got fame only because of them. This young girl is no doubt talented but we think she got all this success because of her beauty. What do you think guys?

3- Kim So-hyun

Do you know her age? Guess, is it 30? 20? 25? None of them. Actually she is just 17-year-old. Yes, we are right. This truly gorgeous girl is an actress, host and model too. And she started her career when she was only 7-year-old. Moon Embracing the Sun raised her to fame in 2012. Since then probably every director wants to direct her. She was MC of a music program too. Currently she is working on several projects and surely she is the next big name of Korea. Ain’t she way too beautiful guys?

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4- Jo Bo-ah

How cute! This young girl was born on 22nd of August, 1991. She is a successful actress and Shut up flower band raised her to heights of fame and success. She made her film debut in the year 2014. And guys you will lose hope after knowing that she is dating On Joo-wan. Sad for you! But she is really a cute girl. All boys must have kept eyes on her.

5- Shin Se-kyung

Wow! Beautiful and bold. This young girl is no doubt in million hearts. Just look at her guys. She was born on 29th of July, 1990. A fact about her, she was the cover girl of Seo Taiji’s album when she was 8-year-old. She began her career as a child on different shows. And she is not that girl who will be impressed by every boy as she dated a few guys but then she broke up and obviously not for some odd reasons.

6- Park Bo-young

Another 90s girl. This young girl is only 26-year-old. She was born on 12th of feb, 1990. Scandal Makers which hit the cinemas in 2008 raised her to fame and since then she isn’t stopping guys. Her beauty is flawless. She got into this field after appearing in a short film which won several awards. And this all happened when she was in her School. How many of you would like to date her?

7- Park Shin-hye

This 26-year-old girl has got class and attitude. An absolute girl. She knows everything be it acting, modeling or singing. Park made her acting debut in 2003 with Stairway to Heaven. She is famous for Tree of heaven too. And obviously she is famous for her Tv shows too. So there is a lot in her life. Park one of those girls who can impress anyone with their beauty and confidence. Amazing she is!

8- Moon Geun-young

Most of us do not even knew what modeling is when we were 10 but this gorgeous girl started modeling at the age of 10. How cool! She was born on 6th of May, 1987. Moon has a lot of titles to her names too. She is also a social activist. Most of all she is a really generous girl. She also won Grand Prize and tby 2008, she was the youngest recipient of this award.

9- Krystal Jung

Krystal Jung or Chrystal Jung. This hot and beautiful girl was born on 24th of Oct, 1994. She is an American-Korean girl and she is member of South Korean girl group. She is a singer and actress. S.M The Ballad raised her to heights. The Heirs and High Kick 3 are the Tv shows which describe her talent and confidence. She dated Kai in her early career days.

10- Kim Yoo-jung

Okay, Kim is just 17-year-old but it does not mean she is not famous or not talented. She is not only an actress but also model and Host. And she gained popularity when she was child. And she is really well known even at this age. Amazing! And look how innocent and beautiful she is. She is really famous for her Tv shows. And people of Korea love thus girl. Do you also like her guys?

So, which one of them you like the most?

Most Beautiful Korean Girls – The Top 10 List

  1. Park Min Young
  2. Kim So-eun
  3. Kim So-hyun
  4. Jo Bo-ah
  5. Shin Se-kyung
  6. Park Bo-young
  7. Park Shin-hye
  8. Moon Geun-young
  9. Krystal Jung
  10. Kim Yoo-jung


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