Most Beautiful Italian Women – The Top 10 List

It is not rare to find beauty in any place or any corner of the world. Be it beauty of nature, people or anything. So today we decided to compile a list of some most beautiful Italian Women We have mentioned top 10 most beautiful women from Italy and believe us Italian women are really beautiful and attractive. And you know that too right?

Most Beautiful Italian Women

Italian women have established their selves quite well and they are really successful in all fields. And the world admires their beauty, confidence, talent and everything else. Although Italian women are known internationally but we thought we need to cover this topic so that you could know about them more. And guys you will get to know an interesting thing about Italian women on this list. So here is the list Most Beautiful Italian Women.

1- Claudia Romani

So the most beautiful Italian women according to us is none other than Claudia Romani. She is a model and winner of several beauty pageants. She has been featured in many magazines because of her natural beauty including GQ. And if we talk about her achievements then she has appeared in commercials of giants such as Ford and Samsung. She is a global girl for sure.

2- Monica Bellucci

The 2nd most beautiful Italian women according us is Monica Bellucci. She is a multi-talented girl as she is a model and an actress too. Ad she is not only beautiful but also hot and bold and to world she is known as a bold girl who does not fear from challenges. She is one of the top celebrities of her country. A dream girl for sure!

3- Giorgia Palmas

A successful model and an actress. This gorgeous lady appeared in Miss World 2000 and after that she pushed all the odds. She is an Italian Tv star too. She is also a spokesperson and she won a Tv contest too. Ain’t way too hot and beautiful guys? Actually she is. Palmas is from the island of Sardinia. And this lady is really popular in her country!

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4- Cristina Chiabotto

You all might know her? After all she is Miss Italia of the year 2004. She is also a multi-talented Italian girl. She is a showgirl, Tv presenter and model. This lady stands at number 4 on our list. She is famous because of Juventus channel too. She makes headlines every now and then for her relationships and what not. Fabio Fulco is the love partner of his beautiful and spicy girl. How many of you want to date her guys?

5- Elisabetta Canalis

George Clooney to Christian Vieri to Didier Drogba, she did not spare any of them. Wondering who these guys are? Well, Elisabetta Canalis ditched these guys. Means they were once her partners. This gorgeous is a model and actress. Talking about famous magazine, she is on front page. She is famous for her boldness and also she has worked for Vogue. Ain’t it great?

6- Elena Santarelli

Not like others but she is a married lady since 2005 so no chance guys. She is married to a soccer player. And she is the 6th most beautiful Italian women. She started her career as a singer then she focused in modeling and acting. Wow! She is really popular for her Tv appearances. She was also host of Italian MTV. With all that, she is a really successful and popular lady.

7- Giusy Buscemi

Miss Italian of the year 2012. Born in 1993, means she is not too old han? But she is a married lady and she us also married to soccer player. She is one of top Tv ladies of her country. She has won several beauty contestants and appears on Tv frequently. This lady is also famous for her social activities. It means she is a kind woman? But she isn’t gonna date you whatsoever. So choose any other women from the list.

8- Raffaella Fico

This gorgeous woman is a stunner! She is proudly the 8th most beautiful Italian women. She hails from Napoli. From modeling to Tv she is unstoppable. And she is quite much popular internationally too. She has appeared in the Big Brother show ‘Grande Fratello’. She is also a showgirl and as a showgirl, she has appeared on Tv too. And she has Miss Grand Pix’s title to her name. But it’s quite strange why most of Italian women date a soccer player as she dated a soccer player too like other in the year 2004.

9- Melissa Satta

This stunning lady started her career when she was only 16-year-old. Since the she has appeared in numerous Modeling projects and most of all she has won several beauty competitions too. She is a top class model. She is a Nike girl too and she is the heart of numerous fashion weeks of her country. And she is also a showgirl like some of the mentioned above. Talking about magazines, she rules all of them guys!

10- Federica Ridolfi

So, according to ubizarre.com the 10th most beautiful Italian woman is none other than Federica Ridolfi. And she surely deserves a place on our list. And she is a model and Tv personality. She also began her career at an early age. And the funny thing is that she is also engaged to a soccer girl. Like, why only soccer players? But she is successful Tv personality, appearing in several shows. She has a strong fan base.

Most Beautiful Italian Women – The Top 10 List

  1. Claudia Romani
  2. Monica Bellucci
  3. Giorgia Palmas
  4. Cristina Chiabotto
  5. Elisabetta Canalis
  6. Elena Santarelli
  7. Giusy Buscemi
  8. Raffaella Fico
  9. Melissa Satta
  10. Federica Ridolfi


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