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Highest Paid Korean Actors 2017 – The Top 10 List

Highest Paid Korean Actors 2017: There is no doubt in beauty and talent of Korea. Be it men or women both are talented, confident, successful and beautiful in Korea but in particular, today we are going to talk about male. Many girls from around the world have crush on hot Korean men and it’s obvious. After all they are so handsome right? So it’s about Korean men and Korean actors. Film and drama industry of Korea is vast so there are numerous actors too. Many of them have made their mark through looks and talent. Obviously many people try their luck in thus field but very few of them get success.

Highest Paid Korean Actors 2017

We always wonder how much an actor charges for a single project. Many of us want to know about income of our favorite actors so this list is about the highest paid actors of Korea. Obviously those who get paid are famous for sure so you might know them as well. Their salaries are too good and you will be shocked to know. So here we go, the highest Korean paid actors of this year – 2017.

1- Hyun Bin

This handsome hunk is from Seoul, Korea. He is 34 year old and he is probably the most successful actor if Korea right now. As he is being hell’s lot of money. And surely he is enjoying this stardom. Hyun rose to fame through early TV shows. He is really popular in Korea and in rest of countries too. The World That They Live in is his identity as through this particular show he got everything. He charges more than $83,900 for a single episode. O EM G! Ain’t it too much guys?

2- Kim Soo Hyun

Dandy! This guy is cute, girls! Kim is only 29 year old and he has achieved a lot in this short period. He is the second highest paid Korean actor of the year 2017. Kim Soo Hyun acts in Dramas and Movies too. He got his education in Theatre and Films too so obviously he will be a good actor. And guys he also earns around $83,900. Wow guys! Wow!

3- Jo In Sung

He is active since 1998 so he obviously deserves handsome amount, nah? Jo In is a 35 old Korean actor. He also acts in both films and dramas. He grabs around $67,100 for each episode. Which is a really good amount. All apart, he is really popular in Korea and the girls love her a lot. After all he is too cool!

4- So Ji Sub

So the 4th highest paid Korean actor of 2017 is none other than So Ji! Coll name though. He demands $67,000 for each episode. And he ain’t that young as he is 39 year old. He is working since 1995 and he is really experienced too. He rose to 2004 with I’m Sorry, I Love You. And interesting is that he is also a rapper. You can listen to his Hip-Hop EP’s online.

5- Lee Min Ho

Lee is a multi-talented guy. He is an actor and a singer too. Lee is only 29 year year and he is from Seoul, Korea. He got fame on first entry and won many awards till date. Boys Over Flowers is what describes him. He earns more than $58,000 for every single episode. Too much at this age no? He is the 5th highest paid actor of Korea.

6- Lee Seung Gi

This 30 year old Korean actor is way too talented. He is not only an actor but also a singer and an entertainer. Korea loves Lee as he knows how to entertain them. He grabs $58,000 for each episode. Lee Seung Gi is a really successful actor and also singer. He got fame at very early age. So Lee is the 6th highest paid Korean actor of the year 2017.

7- Yoo Ah-in

He was born in Deagu, Korea. He is 30 year old actor. Yoo is famous for his great TV shows. His name was Eom Hong – sik but Yoo is cool too. He is active since 2003. Yoo Ah-in got his first break-through in 2010 with Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He also earns around $58,000 for a single project. Yoo is now one of the most popular celebrities of Korea. And he is one of the highest paid too.

8- Lee Jong Suk

This guy is so hot! And we are sure Korean girls must be wanting her as bad as chocolate. Jong Suk is an actor and that’s obvious he will be but he is also mannequin. He has been performing since his college years and after that he thought to pursue his career in acting. He earns around $50,000 each project.

9- Song Joong Ki

The 9th highest paid Korean actor of the year 2017 is Song Jong Ki. He is 32 year old. No so long rather he started his career in 2008 but in no time he earned not only fame but fans too. His talent and looks are the reasons behind his successful career. Song Jo like many other actors rose to fame through one of the best TV works, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He earns around $50,000 per project.

10- Ji Chang Wook

So at number 10, we have one and only Ji Chang Wook. He managed to make his space in our list of highest paid Korean actors of the year 2017 and he stands at number 10. Ji Chang is a famous TV actor and his identity is Korean TV. He earns around $42,000 for each project. And one of the main reasons of his success is his looks. Girls are mad about this guy!

So peeps! This was all. These are the top 10 highest paid Korean actors of this year and do let us know which one of them is your favorite. Actors obviously do not just earn by acting but off camera they have to put a lot of efforts to look good and act good on screen. So, certainly they deserve all this amount.

Highest Paid Korean Actors 2017 – The Top 10 List

  1. Hyun Bin
  2. Kim Soo Hyun
  3. Jo In Sung
  4. So Ji Sub
  5. Lee Min Ho
  6. Lee Seung Gi
  7. Yoo Ah-in
  8. Lee Jong Suk
  9. Song Joong Ki
  10. Ji Chang Wook