Best Torrent Sites of 2017- The Top 10 List

Best Torrent Sites of 2017: We all cannot imagine our lives without the use of internet. And the main reason is the torrent sites. We all use torrent sites to download stuff. Torrent sites have made our lives a lot easier.

Toward the begin of 2017, KickassTorrent was pulling almost everywhere. The Pirate Bay did not let that happen. A ton of things have occurred over the previous year because we saw some torrent sites vanishing completely from the scene and others making their spot rapidly. Today we would be discussing about the top 10 torrent sites. If you are a new torrent user, you need to go through this list. This will help you choose the torrent site that suits you the most. It is important to know about the top torrent sites to eliminate the risk of wasting time.

But most of all, you need to be alert while using torrents. You never know which file can harm your system. So we have mentioned the top 10 best and trust-able sites.

Best Torrent Sites of 2017

Many of our favorite torrent sites have been banned in recent months. But many newcomers have made their make very fast. Clearly, most deluge clients are upbeat as long as they can get their fix, no matter what the source is. To them, their needs matter the most. KickassTorrents remains the most wanted and keeps on developing with the passage of time. The Pirate Bay is at second place and it also made a good rebound after almost 3 months of downtime. Apart from all this, it is important that Rutracker would have made it into the main ten in view of the quantity of guests. But we decide to just incorporate with the best ones. We have made a brief research to compile the list and their Alexa rank also counts in this listing.  So without any further delay here we present you the top 10 best torrent sites.

1- KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents was established in the late 2009 and outperformed The Pirate Bay. Doing combating different restriction endeavors the site has consumed through a couple of various space names throughout the years. Its Alexa rank is 85. You can get almost everything on this site.

2- The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent sites. The downpour webpage wasn’t online toward the end of 2015 and needed to manage a staff revolt. Once it went, it immediately recovered a large number of clients after a rebound working. The Alexa rank of this site is 300. We recommend you this torrent for good experience.

3- Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent keeps on increasing more movement. It has turned out to be a standout amongst the most dynamic torrent groups. The site is additionally home to the well-known ETTV and ETRG discharge gatherings. You can get good quality stuff on this torrent site. It is safe and secure. 342 is the Alexa rank of this torrent site. Is not it good?

4- Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound has been around since the most recent decade. But it is a newcomer in the world of torrent sites. It has additionally been charged for copyright holders last year. The downpour site is hindered in a few nations and was accounted. Its Alexa rank is 2,239. Nonetheless, it is trusted by many users. It has solution to all your problems.


RARBG was 2 years ago newcomer as it has no good traffic. But keeps on getting more guests. The site was charged by UK ISPs more than two years ago. This is what made it better. It is comparable to most torrent sites on the list of best 10. In Alexa ranking it stands at 1,011.

6- Torrentz

Torrentz is a BitTorrent meta search engine for a long time. Torrentz gathers data from other directories for you. It has everything you need.  Be it movies, games or software’s. The Alexa rank for this torrent site is 400. Torrents has emerged as a brand over the past few years. It is trusted and used worldwide.

7- 1337X

1337x is actually a group driven downpour site. In the coming few years, it will turn out to be certain if 1337x can compete with the giants and make a mark or not. Alexa rank of this site is 1,250. This torrent site loved by millions of people. It is easy to navigate site. And it saves your time too.


Television downpour EZTV was shut down a year ago after a bad takeover. The site kept on working under good leadership and it discharges its own particular deluges now. It has also emerged as a brand and it is loved by millions.  The Alexa rank of this torrent is 1,373. It is live now and going good. Because of copyright issues it had to go through a lot.


YTS.ag in not actually related with the first YTS or YIFY gathering, but it certainly, expects to have its spot. YTS.ag is also growing very rapidly. It attracting the new users. It is easy to use and its good at speed too. Its Alexa rank is 740. This is owned by YTG group. YTS is getting recognized rapidly. Despite its established name, many are unaware of it.

10- Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads has been around since a long time.  You can download almost everything from this torrent site. It has wide range of services and it is easy to use. It focuses on user friendly experience. Torrent Downloads gets millions of users every month. It is loved because of its speed. Get everything you want easily on this torrent site.

This is all about the top 10 torrent sites of today. Try all of them and give us your feedback. We are sure that you will love all of them. And it is our guarantee that none of them would let you down.

Best Torrent Sites of 2017- The Top 10 List

  1. KickassTorrents
  2. The Pirate Bay
  3. Extra Torrent
  4. Torrent Hound
  5. RARBG
  6. Torrentz
  7. 1337X
  8. EZTV.AG
  9. YTS.AG
  10. Torrent Downloads