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Beautiful Water Plants – The Top 10 List

Beautiful Water Plants: Nature is the art of God. Nature is full of infinite causes that have never occurred in experience. You will always love the beauty around you. And all the beauty in nature depends on the lovely, colorful plants around us. Plants wear the colors of spirit. People have always sensed that contact with plants and nature is calming and energy boosting. They also help to restore the tonic of our body and soul. Plants are valuable to us in so many ways. When you go deep in the beauty of nature you can see the breathtaking phenomenon of nature. Where flowers bloom, so does our hope.

Beautiful Water Plants

Plants in the ponds or lakes always let you breathless. That is the magic of Aquatic Plants.

Here is the list of Top 10 Beautiful Water Plants

1- Water Lilly

Water Lilly are the stunning creatures in the water garden. They need the care with full sun, calm water and aquatic space. They should be placed at the correct depth in the pond. The beautiful flowers represent all the colors in light spectrum. They grow quickly and produce a large amount of leaves around them with stunning flowers. They bloom from spring to late fall season. This eye pleasing plant also protects the pond and provides shelter to the fishes and invertebrates. There are about 70 species in eight genera in the family Nymphomaniac. The Giant Water Lilly is the largest of all the species in the world.

2- Lotus

Lotus, the most beautiful bloomer in water gardens. Lotus generally comes in pink or white color. They cannot live in cold climate as they need proper sun light for their living.  The leaves of a lotus have a length up to 20 inches and flower can reach 8 inches in diameter. June to mid-August is the blooming period of lotuses. They give the fruity fragrance, especially in morning as well in the evening. They give sunshine, hope and medicine to the people.

3- Water Hyacinth

The beautiful floating perennial plant is famous for their thick, glossy, rounded leaves and striking blue to violet flowers. Water Hyacinth is a native to tropical South America. It rises up to 1 miter above the water surface with the leaves growing 4-8 inches across. Water Hyacinth produce spikes of attractive blue to violet flowers with 6 petals. They add vertical interest to the ponds and lakes. Water Hyacinths always make the striking appearance in the ponds. They always make people happier and better.

4- Water Hawthorn

The tiny flowers with the pleasant smell make this aquatic plant more attractive. It has heights of about 10 cm and cover 2-3 feet across the water surface. It is easy to grow. Water Hawthorn blooms twice a year with a vanilla fragrance. They bloom with such a grace that it seems the garden seems like work of heart.

5- Pickerel Weed

The deciduous, perennial, beautiful plant grows steams, ponds, Nova Scotia, Southern Florida. The plant is native to Americas. It rises 1-2 feet above the water level. The shiny hearth shaped leaves grow up to 10 inches. They showy flowers open in between June and October. Apart from adding the beauty in the ponds, this also attracts the butterflies. An all-around great plant that adds a bright, cheerful spot to any water feature! They give us motivation to explore more.

6- Broadleaf Arrowhead

The plant with characteristics features of distinctive, broad arrow head shaped leaves. It is an aquatic perennial plant. This plant is also known as duck-potato, who has attractive white flowers arranged around a stem. The broad-leaf arrowheads have a height of 2-4 feet and need shadow to be grown properly. They grow between July and September. Both, male and female have same stem. Unlike female flowers, the male flowers have a group of attractive yellow stamens in the center.

7- Water Poppy

Water Poppy is floating aquatic plant that is native to South America. The characteristic features of Water Poppy includes, round shaped dark green leaves with beautiful yellow flower with red and brown center. It spreads about 18 inches with 6 inches rise in height. They bloom repeatedly in summer but there flower lasts only for one day. They add the beauty to ponds and need full shine to bloom to their fullest.

8- Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny is a perennial. It fares excellently when used to cover the garden. It grows for about 2 inches in height with bright leaves. The fronds of these plants resemble scales. Tiny yellow flowers appear on the plant throughout the summer giving it added appeal. They should be anchored with pebbles which gives it a vivid appearance.

9- Cardinal Flower

Plant this pretty flower along the shallow edges of your pond and watch the birds flock to it. Its leaves grow up to 8 inches and plant can grow as long as 3 feet. Its beautiful blooms when the temperature warms up. They need full sun exposure to grow properly. Plants should be planted in the shallower areas of large ponds. They are ideal for edging the pool. Cardinal Flower always makes a striking appearance in the water garden. They give a beautiful display when planted in masses.

10- Blue Iris

The first plant to bloom in spring. The elegant splendors of Aquatic Blue Iris are worth gardening. They consist of large and diverse groups that are cultivated and natural hybrids about hundreds and thousands. The Blue Flag Iris is a native plant. It can grow up to 4 feet tall. The ranging colors of Blue Iris from pale blue to purple are breath taking. It remains beautiful and shinny throughout the summer season.

Beautiful Water Plants – Top 10 List

  1. Water Lilly
  2. Lotus
  3. Water Hyacinth
  4. Water Hawthorn
  5. Pickerel Weed
  6. Broadleaf Arrowhead
  7. Water Poppy
  8. Creeping Jenny
  9. Cardinal Flower
  10. Blue Iris