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10 Hilarious Birthday Fails That’ll Give You Goosebumps

What comes to your mind if I ask about any of the hilarious birthday fails you ever saw? Birthday means a lot to everyone as that’s the day when we realize, we’re getting mature. This day makes us realize about many things that we’ve done yet, can do now and have to do in the future.  We all wait for our birthday for the whole year and when it’s coming closer, our heart starts beating faster. Now my second question is that why our heart beats faster when our birthday is coming closer? Actually, this not happens with all the people but with most of the people in general, this happens. Hilarious birthday fails come unexpectedly and none of us have any control on it.

Maybe you’re now tired of listening my lecture so I won’t waste your time anymore. Now I’m going to present you the list of some hilarious birthday fails that are ready to make your day. But this doesn’t mean that you can try these at your birthday, never ever. Here below are the 10 hilarious birthday fails that’ll give you Goosebumps.

10 Hilarious Birthday Fails That’ll Give You Goosebumps

1- Expectations vs Reality

expectations-vs-realityYou might have thought of eating a wonderful cake on your birthday but things didn’t happen that way. Maybe, the maker didn’t focused much and that’s why this came as a result. But still, we hope that the taste wouldn’t be that bad as it looks. Most of the people wait for their birthday for the whole year because they know that the time of receiving a lot of gifts will come. No matter how much complications we have with someone, but on the day of their birthday, we forgive and forget all those complications and wish them a very happy birthday and that’s what we’re supposed to do.

2- Best Wishes, Really?


Is this how you’re supposed to give someone best wishes on his/her birthday? If that’s the way of giving best wishes then I don’t want this. Just imagine that you’ve waited the whole year as you do for your birthday and at the final spot, something wrong happens. I’m referring this something wrong as the things which can’t be tolerated suddenly. So, definitely if you won’t be able to tolerate those things, you’ll end up in making a bigger trouble for yourself. Hence it becomes almost impossible for us to control the hilarious birthday fails which are coming in our direction at times.

3- The cheapest cake on Earth

the-cheapest-cake-on-earthIf your budget is not much then here’s the cake you can make in just few bucks. Now moving on to the other part when we are at the birthday of someone else and something wrong happens, most of us don’t care much and keep moving on with a smile. But if a bigger blunder happens, we all call it a memorable birthday fail. These all are the things which fulfill the book of memories of our lives. We all know that it is necessary or you can say must for us to gather some memories in our life.

4- The bread cake

the-bread-cakeLook at the reactions of that boy, how happy he is. It seems like he’s the chef behind this wondrous cake. If we won’t have any memories in our life, we’ll never wanna look back at it. But we’ll regret the steps we didn’t take at the moments we should have taken. At present, I’m talking about the people who don’t like to enjoy their birthdays. Those people have actually lost their interest in the joys of life and that’s what they’ll regret.

5- Damn! This one made my day

damn-this-one-made-my-dayFirst of all, I wanna give a serious warning because this is one of the most hilarious birthday fails ever. These joys might not be very big but these are known as the little joys of life. All these little joys will fulfill your life with happiness and you won’t have to worry about anything. If you’ll be happy, you can perform any activity without any depression on yourself. Hilarious birthday fails are of many types and the most common fail that happens in birthdays is the cake fail.

6- She’s too desperate to eat it

shes-too-desperate-to-eat-itIt looks like the little girl is just too desperate to eat that cake and nobody’s gonna stop her. We all know that cake holds a huge importance for birthdays. People spend a lot of money to bring a tasty and beautiful looking cake for their loved ones on their birthdays. Cake fails don’t happen when someone brings a beautiful cake for you. These happen when those beautiful cakes get ruined completely.



You guys got some swag? No! You’re wrong. Here’s from where swag comes. Can you even imagine of smoking at the age of 100. She’s doing it in an incredible way and giving people Goosebumps. Now, all smokers might be thinking that these are the roles they wannna achieve in their life.

8- Can’t wake up till 12AM

cant-wake-up-till-12amWhen you’re too tired that you can’t wake up till 12AM to wish happy birthday. Some people like to present a unique cake for their birthday and sometimes that uniqueness drags them into a river of troubles. You all might have seen many people bringing weird cakes on the birthdays of someone. Actually, the cake is tasty but we regret this because of its looks. There’s a simple reason to this and that is “A book is known from its cover”.

9- Where are the stars and the sprinkles?

where-are-the-stars-and-the-sprinklesYou all would be thinking right now that where are all the stars and the sprinkles? if your cake looks weird from the outside, no matter how much sweet you’ve put inside, all that will get wasted. Nowadays, it has become a trend that people rub cake on the face of their loved ones on their birthday. Most of the people think that doing this thing on the special birthday occasion of someone is okay.

10- The Poor SpongeBob


You might have always seen the Rich SpongeBob but today you’re going to see the other face of it. You’ll have to digest it in order to explain that you had a good birthday. If your cake will be beautiful or tasty looking from outside, people will fall for it.


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